Why UwPayroll decided to be a Paybix reseller


UwPayroll, a Belgium-based social bureau, focuses on accurate and efficient payroll management. At UwPayroll, businesses find comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the complexities of numerous payroll challenges. With a commitment to accuracy, compliance, and punctuality, UwPayroll ensures seamless payroll processes for diverse workforces.

Recognizing payroll as a strategic asset, UwPayroll goes beyond conventional services to provide actionable insights into workforce dynamics. Their expert team delivers personalized support, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and enhance employee satisfaction.

Their Former Payroll Technology Stack

UwPayroll utilizes Prisma, a trusted Belgian payroll engine, as their back-end payroll processing system, ensuring compliance for all gross-to-net calculations.

Smaller customers can conveniently email their monthly payroll input instructions to their UwPayroll consultant. In contrast, larger customers must use an external front-end system. However, their current external front-end is a comprehensive HR system with limited payroll processing capabilities, rather than a dedicated payroll solution.

For a payroll professional, the current system has several downsides: the inability to import detailed calculated gross-to-net results containing payroll codes, which severely limits its reporting capabilities, and the inability to perform corrections on closed pay periods, to name a few.

Their New Payroll Technology Stack

UwPayroll decided to replace their current front-end system with Epix, a dedicated payroll platform, as the new front-end tool for its larger customers. The decision was driven by the following reasons:

Localized Payroll Input

Epix offers highly localized and payroll-focused input, enabling automated payroll processing and substantially increasing efficiency for UwPayroll.

A crucial feature of this localized input is the inclusion of local payroll codes, essential for compliant, accurate and efficient payroll processing. Epix consistently uses the payroll codes from various in-country payroll providers, eliminating any ambiguity in the gross-to-net calculation.

Detailed Gross-to-Net Data for customers

Epix allows importing detailed gross-to-net calculated data, providing customers with a clear breakdown of the payroll calculations. This transparency ensures that employee inquiries about payslips can be answered accurately and easily.

Customers have access to the same detailed data as their in-country payroll providers, presented in an easily understandable format. This feature enables UwPayroll to deliver greater added value to its customers.

Employee Self-Service

Epix can be paired with an employee self-service app, where employees can check their holiday balances (categorized by type of time off) and submit absence requests. Once approved by managers, these absences are automatically synchronized with the employees' calendars.

This feature generates added value for UwPayroll’s customers and boosts efficiency within UwPayroll.

Retroactive Adjustments

Epix allows for automated corrections on closed pay periods. When a pay period is closed by the 25th of the month, subsequent corrections can still be made efficiently. These corrections follow the same automated process as the original pay period closings, ensuring seamless adjustments.

The Benefits Of The Paybix platform For In-Country Payroll Providers

"We decided to replace our previous front-end application with the Paybix platform as a strategic move to provide our larger customers with a dedicated tool offering enhanced payroll processing capabilities, while also streamlining our internal operations", says Stefaan Verlinden, Co-Founder at UwPayroll.

"By standardizing customer input into our own payroll codes and utilizing API-based data exchange, handling incoming data has become seamless. Within seconds of customers closing a payroll cycle, the data seamlessly integrates into our back-end system for immediate processing.

The transition to the Paybix platform represents a significant step-up for us as a payroll provider. Notably, while Paybix furnishes the technological backbone, we can now concentrate on delivering additional onboarding services to our customers, thereby strengthening our client relationships.”

About Paybix

Paybix offers integrated payroll solutions to employers and in-country payroll providers (ICPs), based on its global payroll platform Epix. The Paybix platform unifies and digitizes global payroll operations leveraging on digitized and localized payroll data exchange with ICPs. The beauty of the platform is its plug-and-play nature, allowing seamless integration with any ICP and minimizing the implementation effort to be done by payroll administrators. The platform significantly reduces the time spent on monthly payroll processing both for the employer and its ICPs and offers detailed insights into the composition and labor cost of an international workforce. Paybix has partner agreements with numerous ICPs, covering in total more than 100 countries.

If you want to explore the use of our platform for your company, either as an employer or payroll provider, don't hesitate to contact Hans at hans.joris@paybix.eu or to go to our contact page.

This article was written by Hans Joris, CEO and Co-Founder at Paybix.

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Why UwPayroll decided to be a Paybix reseller

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Why UwPayroll decided to be a Paybix reseller

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