Integrate your local payroll operations in one global platform

Whether you are an international SME still expanding its footprint, or an established multi-country employer, Paybix offers a unified payroll solution for multi-national enterprises. Our multi-country payroll platform Epix is an all-in-one solution for managing the entire payroll process for all your countries, from data input to analytics. It seamlessly connects with any local payroll system anywhere in the world. You can also choose one of our hand-picked partners who share our commitment to excellence.

Our payroll solutions

Is your MNE’s international employment footprint increasing? Congratulations! Your company is growing and you should be proud of that. However, it might sound familiar that managing your payroll process becomes an increasingly time-consuming task. No worries, we’ve got your back.


Are you opening new offices all over Europe, but is your current payroll provider not servicing these countries? Don’t panic! We carefully selected some future-proof payroll providers in more than 30 countries. Clever, don’t you think?

Aggregated Insights

Are you active in several countries, but is your data fragmented over different tools? This will blow your mind: with EPIX, our solution for unified HR reporting & analytics, you get core HR KPIs and calculated data in a blink.

Unified Processing

Are you tired of manually entering all inputs into the various systems? With Epix you are ready to tackle that challenge. The software manages your full end-to-end multi-country payroll processes from input to output.

Why Paybix

One interface

to run payroll across all your countries and to manage your full workforce.

Direct Access

to the expertise of local payroll experts.

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One template

for your commercial agreement with homogenised pricing.

One solution

that grows together with your organisation.

Before Paybix

You are frustrated that managing your payroll process is difficult and takes a lot of time.

You are overwhelmed by the different payroll policies in the countries in which you operate.

You feel as if you are always one step behind because you have to master a different tool in each country.

After Paybix

You have one well-organised tool to manage your payroll.

You enjoy a detailed breakdown of your extended workforce. And that across all countries. 

You are ready for every payroll challenge that your company might encounter in the future.

We love our customers

"The offering simplifies the process by providing a single tool for all countries, eliminating the need for multiple processes. With the ability to gather all information on a parallel platform and visualize data on packages of people, including salary increases and population demographics, this tool makes life easier and improves overall efficiency."

Audrey Meltzer

HR Generalist - Satellite Industries

"At Tosca, we were looking for a unified European payroll solution for a while when we met with Paybix. Paybix  integrates all payroll operations in one platform (“Epix”) and that was exactly what we were looking for. We had a strong preference to work directly with a local, experienced payroll agency in every country. Paybix has carefully selected local partners that can offer excellent payroll services to international companies. These local payroll agencies connect their software to Paybix’s platform hence enabling payroll output on a European level. Compared to other suppliers, Paybix came up with a competitive price offering. The  collaboration with Paybix has been great so far. The founders of Paybix are very experienced with international payroll matters, and immediately understood our needs. The Paybix team has been guiding and supporting us throughout the whole process."

Lieve Bussels

HR Director - Tosca

"I haven't encountered any alternatives that can compare to this offering. Despite heavy competition and marketing from other companies, this tool stands out as the clear leader. While there are other options like SAP, they tend to only cater to larger firms and not smaller ones. But this tool is different."

Stefaan Verlinden

Founder - UwPayroll

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Are you thrilled about our payroll solutions? Schedule your free demo and find out how we can help you. During a live demo, we show you our software, dive into some real-life cases and answer all your questions.

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