One platform to manage your international payroll

Paybix is your payroll brokerage and integration expert. We offer a unified payroll for multi-national enterprises. With our strong partner network we are covering all of Europe, allowing you to fully focus on your core business.

Our mission

In many companies the international payroll function is known as the least digitalised. Time for a change! With Paybix we bring the benefits of integration within reach of international MNEs. Our payroll integration software addresses the real challenges of international payroll and makes a tangible difference in the everyday work routines of every professional.

Our values


Transparency is a cornerstone to build a sustainable relationship with our customers, employees, in-country payroll providers and other stakeholders. With a transparent approach we are convinced it is much easier to find solutions and make progress.


Innovation is our middle-name and that’s why we created Epix, a brand new payroll platform. But there is more, innovation is the everyday pursuit of improvement in everything we do. It is learning from today's mistakes to do better tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


Almost is not in our vocabulary. In payroll, things must be 100% correct. That’s why we focus on ACT (Accuracy, Compliance and Timeliness) and why we automate and digitalise all the stages of the payroll process. Our motto: No hands on the payroll.


Integrity has many different meanings. For us it is to keep your promises, honour your commitments, be accountable, treat one another with respect and collaborate in an atmosphere of trust.

The Paybix tree

Hans Joris
Bart Slaets
Rudi De Roeck
Saskia Delaplace
Sales Director
Stephane Van Blerk
Senior Account Executive
Benjamin De Keukelaere
Senior Account & Marketing Executive
Virginie Vanallemeersch
Team Lead Operations
Glenn Vissers
Daan Lemmens
Jesse Vordzorgbe
Stefan Alaerts
Senior Architect - Kenze
Xavier Vermeiren
Developer - Kenze
Jamie Berghmans
Developer - Kenze
Anouk Deserranno
Developer - Kenze
Barbara Tombeur
UX Designer - Kenze
Kiefer Beernaert
Quality Assurance - Mind.Shift

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Paybix’ Board of Directors

Guy Colman
Chairman* at Paybix NV
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Kris Vinckier
Director* at Paybix NV
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Rudi De Roeck
COO and Director* at Paybix NV
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Bart Slaets
CTO and Director* at Paybix NV
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Hans Joris
CEO and Director* at Paybix NV
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