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Can I test Epix before buying?

Yes you can! We can add your email address to one of our demo environments so you can play round. Give us a call or email us at info@paybix.eu with your request!

Will it cost me much to get access to Paybix’ international payroll solution?

Warren Buffet said: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” by which he made it seem that one can only get value by paying a lot. At Paybix we believe that you can get value at a reasonable cost. We price our SaaS product Epix very reasonably, especially when compared with comparable SaaS offerings of large international payroll providers. And with the partner ICPs of our network we have agreed a unified, competitive pricing. They deliver top-notch managed payrolls services in your required local languages through with direct access, at below-the-market fees for international payroll delivery.

What other payroll systems will I need, over and above Epix, to manage my (international) payroll function?

Paybix built Epix as a sole-source SaaS platform for your international employee administration and payroll management. As an end-user, the Epix front-end is the only payroll system you’ll need to have full control over input and output. Your local payroll provider (ICP), whether this is an ICP you contracted through Paybix or an ICP you have selected yourself, will use its (back-end) payroll engine to perform the gross-to-net calculations and file the statutory and regulatory reports, based on the input he receives from Epix through either a CSV or an API interface.

What if my company is growing?

With our In-Country and Aggregated Insights offering you can decide to upgrade all the way up to Unified Processing at any point in time and without major migration issues.

Data security and privacy

How is the data of my employees protected?

All customer data is collected on Azure at Microsoft. So we use Azure's tools and are supported in data protection by their architects. They ensure that your privacy is maintained at all times. You decide which users have access to the platform. Furthermore, only a few people have access to the production servers on Azure, and only because of infrastructure work. In addition, for test and demo purposes, customer data is never used.

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