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Ready for a challenge? Together with our experts you will be lifting our global payroll software platform EPIX to the next level.

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Who are we?

Paybix consists of an ambitious team of payroll brokerage and integration experts. We offer a unified payroll for legal entities with up to 250 employees per country, allowing MNEs to fully focus on their core business.

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We love our customers

"The offering simplifies the process by providing a single tool for all countries, eliminating the need for multiple processes. With the ability to gather all information on a parallel platform and visualize data on packages of people, including salary increases and population demographics, this tool makes life easier and improves overall efficiency."

Audrey Meltzer

HR Generalist - Satellite Industries

"At Tosca, we were looking for a unified European payroll solution for a while when we met with Paybix. Paybix  integrates all payroll operations in one platform (“Epix”) and that was exactly what we were looking for. We had a strong preference to work directly with a local, experienced payroll agency in every country. Paybix has carefully selected local partners that can offer excellent payroll services to international companies. These local payroll agencies connect their software to Paybix’s platform hence enabling payroll output on a European level. Compared to other suppliers, Paybix came up with a competitive price offering. The  collaboration with Paybix has been great so far. The founders of Paybix are very experienced with international payroll matters, and immediately understood our needs. The Paybix team has been guiding and supporting us throughout the whole process."

Lieve Bussels

HR Director - Tosca

"I haven't encountered any alternatives that can compare to this offering. Despite heavy competition and marketing from other companies, this tool stands out as the clear leader. While there are other options like SAP, they tend to only cater to larger firms and not smaller ones. But this tool is different."

Stefaan Verlinden

Founder - UwPayroll

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