Transforming Global Payroll at Satellite Industries

Payroll Challenges

Satellite Industries is the world's largest manufacturer of portable sanitation products, with operations in over 120 countries and employing more than 500 people globally. Despite its success, the company struggled with the following pain points in the EMEA payroll:

  • No centralized data
  • Very diverse local payroll systems
  • Manual & time-consuming data input in Outlook, Word & Excel
  • Long payroll cycles
  • Numerous errors
  • No real-time cross-country reporting

Two Options

Satellite analyzed two options for improvement: either a global payroll provider that could handle the payroll for all its countries or a platform that could be connected with local payroll systems. They opted for the latter because direct access to local support from the ICPs was very important to them, which is not possible when working with a single global payroll provider.

The New Payroll Technology Stack

Satellite Industries decided to connect their local payroll systems with the Paybix global platform, Epix. They replaced some of their in-country payroll providers (ICPs) with a Paybix ICP, while continuing to work with the remaining providers, integrating all of them into the platform. They also acquired the employee self-service application for absence management for all their employees.

This setup provided them with an integrated view of their entire global workforce, regardless of the ICP.  Additionally, this setup enables the alignment and digitization of payroll processes across all countries.

The Journey To Improvement

The implementation of the platform was done in a few weeks.  Since Epix is a standardized platform, only minor configuration was needed to connect all the countries to it. “The transition to Epix was smooth, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. With Paybix's guidance, we navigated the change efficiently” says Audrey Meltzer, EMEA HR Lead at Satellite, “We implemented the employee self-service application for 7 countries in less than 3 weeks!”.

The Benefits Of The Paybix platform

The Paybix platform delivers significant efficiency improvements throughout the payroll process and offers comprehensive insights into your global workforce, all readily available. Guaranteed payback within 6 months. Refer to the section below for a complete overview of the benefits.

The Benefits Of The Paybix Technology

Recording Of The Live Webinar

This customer case transcribes a live webinar with Audrey Meltzer, EMEA HR Lead at Satellite Industries.
Rewatch the recording of the webinar below.

About Paybix

Paybix offers integrated payroll solutions to multi-country employers, based on its global payroll platform Epix. The Paybix platform unifies and digitizes global payroll operations leveraging on digitized and localized payroll data exchange with ICPs. The beauty of the platform is its plug-and-play nature, allowing seamless integration with any ICP and minimizing the implementation effort to be done by payroll administrators. The platform reduces significantly the time spent on monthly payroll processing both for the employer and its ICPs and offers detailed insights into the composition and labor cost of an international workforce. Paybix has partner agreements with numerous ICPs, covering in total more than 100 countries.

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

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Transforming Global Payroll at Satellite Industries

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Transforming Global Payroll at Satellite Industries

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