Our first EPIX release

The international Payroll software you always wanted!

Many international companies use for their smaller populations a multitude of applications and tools.

Well, we have some good news, because as of now, you can start using EPIX, our state-of-the-art payroll integration tool that will help you manage and analyse your full international workforce.

Say what? My full European workforce managed with just 1 SME focused application?

At the beginning of 2022, we saw a big pain in the payroll world for countries with small populations. More and more companies have employees, often small groups of people, including externals, in different countries.

Sometimes they seek help to find a good payroll provider in those countries, but more often they don’t have any tooling that oversees the full population.

Every country has its own payroll software, which in a lot of cases does the job: managing the local employee population and calculating the payroll every month.

But when we take it up one level we immediately see an issue managing the external population in those countries.  And again one step up, there are no overviews anymore over the different countries concerning basic HR data like:

  • How many people are working for me today?
  • How many females have a team leader role in our different countries?
  • How is the evolution of our (external) workforce over time?

And these are just the easy questions. What if we take wage costs into account? Every country has its own coding system and legislation. So it’s a huge puzzle to put every piece together if we want an overview on cost level.

  • What is the labour cost if we look at the different countries?
  • What was the amount of bonuses over the countries?
  • What is the total cost of an employee in the different countries?
  • What is the evolution of our total cost over time?

The landscape of International Payroll Software

Of course, there already exists software to manage the international populations. Think of SAP, Workday, Peoplesoft, …. But 1 thing these applications have in common: they were built for big companies, with a lot of configurations needed as setup. So typically, they are set up for the larger countries in a company, whereas the small countries often must help themselves with local input, Excel or even plain text in mail.

Fifteen years ago, almost no SME used an online self-service tool for their employees to register a vacation or sick day. Only the big companies, with big tools could use and afford them. Today a huge number of SMEs use already locally a self-service tool, because these tools were recreated on the SME size. With almost no configuration, streamlined processes and low-cost setup in the cloud.

EPIX: a new generation payroll software

For all these SMEs or smaller countries of multinationals who also need a solution on their size, we have very good news!

After 6 months of focus and develoment, we managed to release the first version of our EPIX software.

We created a system with a minimum setup need on shared resources for cost reduction, but data separation for security reasons. Because of the way we build EPIX, from the ground targeted on international SMEs, we included some concepts for which the Flemish government (VLAIO) provided us extra funding because of the innovative character!

With this application we focus on different pain points we recognised with our customers:

I need workforce analytics over my full population, but want to stay with my own provider

In this case, we will import your population, including your externals, with a minimum effort to provide your HR information out of the box.

I need labour cost analytics  for my European population

We map your payroll codes in our innovative EPIX buckets, and you can report across the countries.

I want to manage my full workforce in 1 tool and send everything to the local provider for calculation every month

Depending on the fact that you use our partners locally, the setup can differ, but you can manage your population, including your external workforce in EPIX. We are creating firm links between EPIX and our local partners so the import and export to the local provider is included in the SaaS fee. Easy no?

Other offerings

Since we already have a payroll network across Europe, we can help companies who want to start in a country, if they have a local entity or NRE (no Employer Of Record / EOR) with selecting the local provider or advice on ‘how to’.

What’s next?

We have a lot of features in mind to help SMEs streamline their processes, so every day we release new functionality.

If you are curious how this amazing software looks like and you want some insights, just go to our website and subscribe for the next demo. We try to give a demo every month. A personal demo is also always possible. Just contact us!

Interested in our international payroll services or our EPIX Saas software to optimise your aggregated insights or unified processing?  Contact us.

Bart Slaets.

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Our first EPIX release

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Our first EPIX release

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