Paybix is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Partena Professional

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Paybix is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Partena Professional, a leader in HR services for employers and entrepreneurs in Belgium. This agreement aligns with Partena's strategy to launch a new offering aimed at international employers.

The goal of this collaboration is to offer our clients a unified platform for payroll processes worldwide. This partnership aims to simplify international payroll management, allowing clients to focus on expansion rather than administration. The Paybix platform will enhance support for Belgian companies abroad, facilitating their international growth. In addition to providing cost-of-labor analysis across different countries, it will help overcome the discrepancies between various payroll systems.

"Traditionally, employers have been hesitant to hire abroad due to complex social and tax legislations. Partena’s new strategy, powered by the Paybix platform, aims to simplify foreign employment, reducing barriers to international business expansion", says Roeland Van Dessel, CEO at Partena Professional.

With Paybix, Partena can offer a seamless, global payroll solution to their customers. Their consultants now have access to a single, unified platform to digitally exchange data with the other in-country payroll partners of their network, radically streamlining their internal payroll operations.

"We are excited about this partnership and look forward to working closely with Partena Professional to support their international clients and drive global growth", says Hans Joris, CEO at Paybix.

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Global Payroll Software as a Service for Payroll Providers

With the Paybix global payroll platform available as a service, any payroll provider can now access the international payroll market without needing a substantial prior investment. This leads to increased value for their customers and new growth opportunities for the provider. Local payroll providers are no longer restricted to the local market. By utilizing our global payroll software as a service, any local payroll provider can now become a global payroll provider with just a subscription, completely eliminating the barriers to entering the international payroll market.

Paybix offers a reseller program to both single and multi-country payroll providers.

About Paybix

Paybix offers integrated payroll solutions to multi-country employers and in-country payroll providers (ISPs), based on its global payroll platform Epix. The Paybix platform unifies and digitizes global payroll operations leveraging on localized payroll data exchange with ICPs. The beauty of the platform is its plug-and-play nature, allowing seamless integration with any ICP and minimizing implementation effort. The platform reduces significantly the time spent on monthly payroll processing both for the employer and its ICPs and offers detailed insights into the composition and labor cost of an international workforce. Paybix has partnership agreements with numerous ICPs, covering in total more than 100 countries.

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Paybix is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Partena Professional

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Paybix is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Partena Professional

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