May 23 🦜️ Epix Product updates πŸš€

Product updates

Again, we are happy to show you what we have realised last month with our development team 🦜️.

Curious about the most recent features and what’s coming next? Keep on reading!

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Release notes

We're thrilled to announce the latest enhancements to our Epix CoreΒ HR and Payroll Platform, designed to streamline your international payroll processes from start to finish. This update brings a range of improvements to make managing your payroll even easier and more efficient.

Absence Management and Calendar Improvements πŸ—“

We've fixed rounding issues for balances and team views when someone's start date isn't on a Monday.

Now, balance overviews from previous years can be accessed in Epix and through self-service.

Request policies of the same type can no longer overlap, ensuring smoother management.

Configuration Enhancements βš™οΈ

Faster import of large volumes of calculated data.

Earnings and deductions can now be entered with just one button.

Employer configuration now features a user-friendly wizard view for easier onboarding.

Automated Jobs and API Integrations πŸ”

New export options introduced, including Microsoft Workflows for configuring integrations with other software.

Country-Specific Updates 🌍

In Germany, we've adjusted the layout of our DE export based on feedback from local providers.

Additional optimizations have been made for partners in the Netherlands.

Reporting πŸ“’

Reports now load faster across all tabs of the workforce analytics section.

AI Companion Enhancements  ✨

Added about 10 official local sites per country, enhancing the AI companion's responses.

Improved translation steps for better quality answers.

General Improvements πŸ‘

If only one country is configured, the top filter is hidden for a cleaner interface.

Import icon in the left menu has been updated for consistency.


These updates aim to make managing your international payroll smoother and more efficient than ever before. We're committed to continually improving our platform to meet your needs effectively.

That's a wrap for April! We hope these updates make your Epix experience even more magical.


Your Epix Product Team πŸš€

Information about feature releases

Please note, the list above highlights the key features released last month. We continuously deploy updates, prioritizing bug fixes. Additionally, numerous technical and security enhancements have been implemented. All code undergoes thorough review before merging, and each release undergoes rigorous testing before deployment. Rest assured, your configurations remain intact, and new versions are always backward compatible.

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May 23 🦜️ Epix Product updates πŸš€

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May 23 🦜️ Epix Product updates πŸš€

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