June 23 🌞 Epix Product updates πŸš€

Product updates

The sun 🌞 came to Belgium in June and this was a good time to announce our latest features. The features of the previous month focussed on delivering the 'input' part towards the 30 EU countries in Epix.

Curious about the most recent features and what’s coming next? Keep on reading!

Epix Webinar πŸ—£

We welcomed more than 100 (!) participants in our Epix live demo. We officially announced our latest release featuring unified input for 30 European countries. With this release, Epix is ready to be your single touch multi-country payroll platform for end-to-end payroll processing.

Missed this demo or watched it but want to take a deeper dive in Epix? We are happy to give you a private demo, do not hesitate to reach out to hans.joris@paybix.eu

‍Thank you to all participants!

The webinar was about our new features that are listed below:

Payroll closure πŸ”ƒ

We are now ready to close the payroll for the 30 EU countries. Epix tracks now all changes you make in personal files during the month and will create a structured outputfile for the local provider.

This file has the ability to be readable by a human because of the labels that are provided, together with, in case of updates, 2 records showing the differences between the old and the new record.

This file can also be converted into an importable CSV format, because it provides also the technical keys.

And of course, our system is in the backend fully API based, so API interactions with other products can be provided after an analysis and implementation.

PersonπŸ§‘& Contract πŸ’Ό

We added a 'Calculated data' tab to a contract if there are calculated data imported. In this case you can see all the details of the calculation of a payslip in Epix. This also helps analysing numbers from the labour cost analytics.

  • Showing the calculated data for 1 person
  • With the local codes and description and also your description
  • Filter options on pay period, calculation period, group, subgroup and type of value (amount, number, ...Β )

General topics and improvements πŸ’„

  • Import fix for people logic & tests
  • Sub gender en Sub civil state dropdowns fixed in case of empty values
  • Email fields in Person contact became optional instead of mandatory
  • Only show countries with currencies when adding a custom provider
  • Civil state showing the history was one click behind on the end date field
  • Bugfix mandatory field DE-tab where validation error remained visible
  • Removed mandatory fields for Family and relations
  • Order of contracts is now ascending instead of descending

Organization structures πŸͺœ

This was already announced last time and we releaed it this week. From now on you are able to create a tree organization structure, assign members and people with a role. Also from person view you can see where the person is a member and which roles does he or she take in the organisation and for which teams.

What’s coming up?


Car management πŸš—

You are already able to add car categories and there is the ability to add a car for countries, but this feature has to be finished to update and assign cars to people.

Employee self service β›±

We started working on the first module of our employee self service module.Β With this module the employee will be able to request an absence. Based on the organization structure, the approver role will be determined.

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. And remember, check our site for more insights in our unified processing or integrated analytics solutions.



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June 23 🌞 Epix Product updates πŸš€

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June 23 🌞 Epix Product updates πŸš€

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