July 23 ⛱ Epix Product updates 🚀

Product updates

As many of you could see in our latest webinar, the June release is one we will remember. But also now in July, some important new modules and features were released.

Curious about the most recent features and what’s coming next? Keep on reading!

Car management 🚗

We released the possibility to add cars in 1 list over your countries, with a lot of interesting fields like CO2, TCO and much more. You can link drivers to this list, so a Belgian driving a Luxembourg car is easy to manage in Epix. We remember all changes by default to drivers and cars, and have added this info to our closure so a local provider now also receives all needed info about the car that is linked to every driver.

Calendar 📅

We added some new features to the calendar and solved some minor bugs

  • Change specific number of hours on a calendarday to a decimal number
  • Show all calendar entries in calendar day overview: in some special cases not all records were shown. This is solved.
  • The year calendar had a wrong label. This is changed to 'year' as it should be
  • The label of the year counters didn't have the proper name. They are renamed
  • There was a possibility to add calender entries outside the contract period. This is not possible anymore
  • We added a fix in case you add 2 items in the calendar for the same daypart
  • If you changed year in the calender, then the year was not shown properly. This is fixed

Person🧑& Contract 💼

  • If there are no validation errors in a contract, we now show a green checkmark instead of an empty list
  • In case there are validations, we increased the column width of the validation message
  • Sometimes we opened the wrong contract-tab coming from another screen. We fixed the order of the tabs to prevent this.
  • We added the calculated data tab to the contract so you can see what was calculated in detail by the payroll provider. In this version we also added a filter to show the data you need, even in cumul over different months if you want
  • We added 2 new flags to a contract: Count as starter and Count as leaver. In case you have a person that has a new contract, you can remove him from the report with these flags that shows the starters and leavers in the company.
  • If the start date of the contract is changed, you don't have to move the Current pay period date, but the system will adjust this date based on the new start date
  • In case there is a duplicate employee number, we now give an error
  • When you went to old states of the civil state, the 'end date' was one click behind. This is solved.
  • Email fields are now optional instead of mandatory
  • We put the partner information behind a toggle. We also added some missing fields for a partner.
  • Family birth country and nationality is not mandatory anymore. This was a bug.

General topics and improvements 💄

  • When a users was logged in for a long time, the refresh token sometimes failed. This is solved.
  • If you added a payroll code with >4 characters, the create worked, but the update did not. This is also solved.
  • Updating a custom provider failed because the system said that the code already exists. But this is not the case.
  • We enabled 2FA for all our production users
  • On logout, you didn't loop back to your customer url, but to a common url. This is fixed
  • Fix voor datepicker to enter dates of a specific range
  • You now return to configuration screen when you go out of the import screens
  • In the org structure, there was a possibility to remove the root element. This is fixed.
  • We updated the look and feel of the 'children' of an element in the organizational structure
  • We updated the treeview of the teams. You can now click through to go to the team details.

Workforce analytics 📊

  • If you click on the numbers in the analytics, we can only show the first 100 employees in the fly-in list. We now show a text how many more there are.
  • We updated the reports according the 2 new checkboxes on contract level: Count as starters/leavers
  • We counted a headcount when the person was in service on the first of the month. We changed this to minimal 1 day of the month in service.

What’s coming up?

Payroll closure localization 🔃

We are currently localizing formats for specific providers, starting with Germany and Belgium. Other countries will follow soon.

Import / Export

Export formats for persons, contracts and pay components and workforce analytics.

Employee self service to request absences ⛱

We continue to work on our self service towards January 2024.

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July 23 ⛱ Epix Product updates 🚀

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July 23 ⛱ Epix Product updates 🚀

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