ISG recognizes Paybix as Product Challenger

Paybix was identified as a Product Challenger in ISG’s Provider Lens™ evaluation for Payroll Solutions and Services, Global Managed Payroll Services (Multi-Country) 2023

ISG Provider Lens™ research is produced by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.


Paybix was acknowledged for its innovative approach of global payroll digitalization for multi-national enterprises, primarily attributed to its investments in their global Core HR & Payroll SaaS platform, Epix.

Hans Joris, CEO Paybix: “Only once in a blue moon a new international payroll provider emerges in the global payroll software and services industry. This time the name of the new kid on the block is Paybix, and we plan to take the digitalization of HR and Payroll management to a higher level.
ISG established first-hand that we arrive well-equipped. We are humbled by their evaluation of our company.”

Paybix’ global Core HR & Payroll SaaS platform Epix, plus, optionally, the managed payroll services of an international network of in-country payroll providers, offers multi-national enterprises the flexibility to optimally outfit and manage their global and/or regional payroll functions.

Hans Joris, CEO Paybix: “Epix comes with deep localizations of the various payroll requirements, including country-specific employee data fields, values, and validations. This combined with the embedded mapping engine for pay codes, provides customers with access to a truly user-friendly and error-free front-end for the input of employee and payroll data.
Moreover, the same pay code mapping engine is the basis for meaningful and very granular analytics on labour costs across the in-scope countries.
Detailed and rich insights on the total workforce, permanent and contingent, also comes as a standard with Epix.
The combined features of Epix allow customers to get instant, fingertip access to a wealth of HR & Payroll KPIs.”

If the customer chooses to use the managed payroll services of its ICP (In-Country Provider) network combined with Epix, then Paybix will assume the end-to-end vendor management with the in-scope ICPs, from initial contracting to hand-over to a successor if needed.
The tri-partite managed payroll services agreement, with the legal and commercial terms and conditions, is identical for all the in-scope countries.

The vast and deep payroll experience of its 3 co-founders has helped Paybix in building a well-thought-through, competitive and interesting offering in the international payroll industry.

International companies seeking an end-to-end solution, or a Core HR & Payroll SaaS only, should closely monitor Paybix while they grow their international customer base and partnership network over the next few years.

Contact Paybix to receive a complimentary version of the ISG’s Provider Lens™ report tolearn more, by sending an e-mail to or download it here.

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ISG recognizes Paybix as Product Challenger

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ISG recognizes Paybix as Product Challenger

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