Dec 23 🦃 Epix Product updates 🚀

Product updates

In November, the United States celebrated 🦃 Thanksgiving! We say thanks to our development team because they've added many new features to Epix.

Curious about the most recent features and what’s coming next? Keep on reading!

Epix, our dynamic multi-country payroll platform, is proud to announce new features, bringing efficiency gains to streamline your global payroll management.

International 🌎 Self service Module

  • Enjoy automated approval processes with the option to auto-approve absences in alignment with your request policy.
  • Experience a refreshed user interface with subtle layout changes, including adjustments to the balance table, home page doughnut, and font sizes for enhanced readability.
  • Navigate calendars seamlessly as they now start on Monday, aligning with global standards. A small issue has been resolved, allowing you to effortlessly type dates instead of being restricted to selection.

Company Cars 🚗

  • Empower your decision-making with the ability to download all company cars, facilitating specific filters for tasks such as ESG reporting.

Configuration ⚙️

  • Dive into unparalleled customization with more granular settings at the employer and paygroup levels. Fine-tune salary structures, calendars, self-service options, and car functionalities according to your unique needs.
  • Enhance flexibility with a new code assigned to every payroll code, allowing seamless overrides to other codes. Enjoy easy use, import, and export of local payroll codes.
  • Simplify employer management with a consolidated widget offering a comprehensive overview of configurations and handy buttons for streamlined management.
  • Effortlessly manage team configurations with a new relocation option, allowing you to relocate a team under another team with just one click.

Payroll closure localization 🔁

  • Catering to our German users, Epix now includes a new field for Social Security Number, further enriching the capabilities of our German payroll provider.

Person🧑& Contract 💼

  • Take control with the ability to remove the last civil state and benefit from added employee number validation, providing enhanced accuracy and data integrity.

Epix remains committed to revolutionizing your payroll experience globally. Embrace these new features and propel your payroll management into a new era of efficiency. Thank you for choosing Epix as your trusted partner in managing your global workforce!

Information about feature releases

Remember, the list above gives an overview of the most important features we released in the previous month. We release in a continuous deployment so we can even deploy multiple times a day if necessary where bugfixes have a high prio to be solved. Next to this list a lot of technical and security items have been solved and changed.

All code must be approved by a second developer before it is merged into the main code. Every feature release is then put in a development environment where the new feature is tested by our product team. Then the release flows to acceptance, where a huge set of automated user tests are simulated on different devices and screen sizes. When they are 'green' we deploy this version to production without manual work after an explicit approval by the product team.

All configuration done by the user keeps on working and a new version is always backward compatible.

What’s coming up?

Pay component management🪙

We are finishing the wizard to help you manage the pay components of your workforce.

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Dec 23 🦃 Epix Product updates 🚀

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Dec 23 🦃 Epix Product updates 🚀

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