April 24 🌱 Epix Product updates 🚀

Product updates

In March, a lot of plants started to grow their first leaves. Just like Epix that has got some new features 🌱!

Curious about the most recent features and what’s coming next? Keep on reading!

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Release notes

We are excited to announce the latest update to our Epix Integration Platform, a comprehensive solution that seamlessly manages your end-to-end international payroll processes. This feature release introduces several enhancements and new functionalities to make your payroll management even more efficient and user-friendly.

1) Absence 🌎 Self Service and Calendar

  • Optimalisations: Based on user feedback we optimised the behaviour of our self service application.
  • Injuries are now shown on the calendar in a right way. There was a bug in a certain situation.
  • Cancel request: When HR removes the last calendar day from the calendar that was part of a request, the request itself is set to 'cancelled', to avoid an open request with no absences attached to it.

2) Configuration ⚙️

  • Payroll code filter: New fly in with a lot of options to filter the payroll code list.
  • Fix pagination: Customers with a lot of work schedules or branch units had no option to move to a next page in the list. This is solved.
  • Day entries: The config now shows an error if you forgot to configure Day entries in a work schedule, or day items in a day entry.
  • Inactivate work schedules: Unused work schedules can now be archived and removed from the list.

3) Automated Jobs and API integrations

  • HCM integrations: We created an automated job that can be attached to an HCM system (via Apideck.com)
  • New export possibilities: To provide a more flexibile way of exports, we added new api endpoints that we can use in our export workflows in Azure.

4) Country specific changes🔁

  • Germany: We added new mandatory fields according new legislation for more specified information of children. Also some other new fields were added.
  • The Netherlands: We added a few new fields for our Dutch provider. This is work in progress since the API connection with NMBRS is now in test.

5) Onboarding of New Customers ✅

  • Configuration wizard: Simplify onboarding with informative blank slate screens, and wizard steps to do the configuration in the right order

6) Person🧑& Contract 💼

  • Person delete: A person can now be deleted.
  • Family member delete: A family member can be deleted.
  • Avatar: uploading an avatar now gives feedback on successful upload.
  • Birthdate: We changed the birthdate field to 'NOT MANDATORY' and made it optional.

7) Documentation 📜

  • Online Documentation: We added new pages about the structure of the calendar setup and the way the self service works.

8) Security🔐

  • We had our penetration test in March. This is a test where an ethical hacker tries to hack our system and tries to get data from different test accounts. We are proud 🦚 to annouce that we have been complimented by our external partner on the level of security Epix has reached. There were some minor attention points that all have been mitigated in the meanwhile.

That's a wrap for March! We hope these updates make your Epix experience even more magical.


Your Epix Product Team 🚀

Information about feature releases

Remember, the list above gives an overview of the most important features we released in the previous month. We release in a continuous deployment so we can even deploy multiple times a day if necessary where bugfixes have a high prio to be solved. Next to this list a lot of technical and security items have been solved and changed.

All code must be approved by a second developer before it is merged into the main code. Every feature release is then put in a development environment where the new feature is tested by our product team. Then the release flows to acceptance, where a huge set of automated user tests are simulated on different devices and screen sizes. When they are 'green' we deploy this version to production without manual work after an explicit approval by the product team.

All configuration done by the user keeps on working and a new version is always backward compatible.

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April 24 🌱 Epix Product updates 🚀

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April 24 🌱 Epix Product updates 🚀

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