Apr 23 🐤 EPIX Product updates 🚀

The Easter period has brought us some nice new eggs 🐣, because as you will read, we managed to release a lot of new features. With a huge thank you for some recent customer input that helped us a lot in guiding our development roadmap!

Curious about the most recent features and what’s coming next? Keep on reading!

Person🧑& Contract 💼

If you create a new person or add a new contract for a person, then after saving you will navigate directly to the details of the person or contract to add additional information immediately instead of going back to the list view.

The people list had an upgrade. It

  • orders by default on the last name
  • contains the active contract countries
  • contains the number of validation errors for that person + a filter to see only people with validation errors
  • contains the anniversary date
  • shows future employees by default

ZIP code is new shown for an address in the identification screen.

Upcoming “Probation end dates” are shown on the home screen in a new widget.

Civil state has been reorganised. It has now only 4 states: Not married, married, widowed or other. The country specific choice can be put in a separate dropdown depending on the active contracts of that person. But this are the 4 main civil states there are across Europe.

From now on the contract start date can be adjusted.

Work permit fields are added on contract level.

You can manage a list of Branch units and link them to a contract under Additional information on contract level.

The Belgian specific fields are added as generic fields (see previous updates and the fields above), so we don’t need any specific fields at this moment.

The German fields are added. If a contract is flagged as ‘Payroll via EPIX’, then the tab will appear.

The Dutchfields are added. If a contract is flagged as ‘Payroll via EPIX’, then the tab will appear.

A Contract can be (soft) deleted from now on. They will disappear everywhere. You can view them in the contract list if you use the new filter to view inactive contracts.

Calendar 📅

The fly-in in the calendar screen on contract level now shows the graph in the colours of the payroll codes instead of the default blue set.

The day overview fly-in of a calendar day now shows the payroll code of the work scheme instead of only the name of the work scheme.

A new icon appears on a calendar day when there is a commend added to a personal change. The comments are also show in the day overview fly-in.

The collective calendar contains a year view.

The personal calendar contains a year view.

Configuration ⚙️& General improvements 💄

The workforce analytics report uses labels instead of codes.

Because we need a unique key to import there is a new check that the code of an ICP is unique.

Only active ICP’s are shown by default.

In the payroll code list, you can filter on the 2 flags:  salary codes and calendar codes.

Imports of calculated data can give multiple errors. This list can now be downloaded as CSV file to solve them in 1 time instead of error by error.

All filters on all the list screens are now behind a filter button. Also, some new filters are implemented.

What’s coming up 🚀?

Validations ✅

In the next few weeks, the validations will become active.  The first version of the validation engine is implemented and the first checks on European generic fields are ready, together with some checks on for the Belgian and German fields. The home screen will show the persons with the most validation errors where there is a new list view that will show them all. And on contract level you can see the validations for that person/contract.

As said also in the people list view, a new column shows the number of validation errors. This will be shown already in the current version.

New features and validations will be added when we localise more and more countries!

Payroll closure 🔃

On contract level you see already a new field that indicates the current payroll period. This will be used in the closure, so you don’t need to fill/adjust that field.

The pay components and calendar screen will already open by default on this new date field.

In the next version we will have a first version of the closure wizard, but this is currently only available for demo. We will inform you in the upcoming newsletters when you can use this new functionality. And we will guide you through the first closures of course.

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Apr 23 🐤 EPIX Product updates 🚀

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Apr 23 🐤 EPIX Product updates 🚀

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