Our partners

Our in-country payroll partners are gold. Why? Without their loyal support, Paybix would never be able to offer top-notch payroll services in 40 European countries. We are proud of their excellent personal service and easy accessibility. Working hand-in-glove with us they deliver accurate, compliant and timely payroll services.

Strong local partner

We work with carefully chosen in-country payroll providers. Through a direct relationship and proximity service, they take pride in offering you the most qualitative service.

40 European countries

Paybix has partnership agreements across 40 European countries, harmonizing pricing and service delivery. Paybix serves as your commercial single point of contact for all countries where you use a Paybix partner.

100% ACT

If you say Paybix, you say ACT. No idea what we are talking about? Together with our partners, we aim for 100% accuracy, compliance and timeliness.

Building a prime network of Payroll Experts

Each country counts a vast number of In-Country payroll providers (ICPs). As an international payroll aggregator for MNEs we carefully select the best among them because after all, a network will only be as strong as its weakest link. Not easy you may think, but we just love a challenge.

To find the right partners, we use three key search criteria: a strong customer intimacy approach, an open-minded attitude towards international enterprises and a continuous pursuit of quality and automation. This is followed by a rigorous due diligence process and if we are convinced, we select and sign-up with the ICP.

Become a Paybix partner

Are you ready to help MNEs with their payroll in your country?

Membership benefits

Easy access to the business of international companies.

Support of other members both in commercial and operational areas.

Possibility to focus on your core business. We take care of contract administration, commercial relationship management and even dispute resolution.

Looking for a multi-country payroll solution?

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