Unified Processing

Is your company active in different countries, but are you still manually entering all inputs? Let’s tackle this time-consuming task.

Your challenge

Check the boxes and discover whether the Unified Processing solution suits your needs.

You are active in different countries and already work with in-country payroll providers.

You might have a tool like Aggregated Insights by EPIX to get you unified HR output.

You are tired of manually providing input in the various systems.

Sounds as if this is you? Stop doubting! Our Unified Processing solution is exactly what you are looking for.

One tool to manage your payroll

Our integration platform EPIX manages your full end-to-end international payroll processes from input to output. Enter your monthly input of both Core HR and time related data directly in EPIX and let the magic happen.

All input is subject to technical and functional validation checks. Next, the information is forwarded to the in-country payroll providers who perform the gross-to-net calculation. After the processing, the electronic output is returned to EPIX where you will find all the regular HR analytics at your fingertips, both on core HR and calculated data.

Four reasons to fall in love with our Unified Processing solution

Full end-to-end international payroll process.

Easy monthly input in one system.

Core HR and calculated data for all countries in one place.

Digitalisation of your payroll shortens lead times.

Growing further?

With our Aggregated Insights offering you can decide to upgrade all the way up to Unified Processing at any point in time and without major migration issues.

EPIX features

Payroll Input, Proofing & Exchange

Is an HCM and/or WFM solution not in place? Keep calm and use the Payroll Input, Proofing and Exchange feature. Using the multi-currency and multilingual state-of-the-art user interface your payroll professional can easily input employee payroll and basic timesheet data.

Technical and functional validation controls

Every European country has its own local payroll legislation. All inputs are therefore subject to technical and functional validation checks, taking into account the local legislation of the country and the payroll codes of our in-country payroll provider*.

Sounds as if this is you? Stop doubting! Our Unified Processing solution is exactly what you are looking for.

We love our customers

"The offering simplifies the process by providing a single tool for all countries, eliminating the need for multiple processes. With the ability to gather all information on a parallel platform and visualize data on packages of people, including salary increases and population demographics, this tool makes life easier and improves overall efficiency."

Audrey Meltzer

HR Generalist - Satellite Industries

"At Tosca, we were looking for a unified European payroll solution for a while when we met with Paybix. Paybix  integrates all payroll operations in one platform (“Epix”) and that was exactly what we were looking for. We had a strong preference to work directly with a local, experienced payroll agency in every country. Paybix has carefully selected local partners that can offer excellent payroll services to international companies. These local payroll agencies connect their software to Paybix’s platform hence enabling payroll output on a European level. Compared to other suppliers, Paybix came up with a competitive price offering. The  collaboration with Paybix has been great so far. The founders of Paybix are very experienced with international payroll matters, and immediately understood our needs. The Paybix team has been guiding and supporting us throughout the whole process."

Lieve Bussels

HR Director - Tosca

"I haven't encountered any alternatives that can compare to this offering. Despite heavy competition and marketing from other companies, this tool stands out as the clear leader. While there are other options like SAP, they tend to only cater to larger firms and not smaller ones. But this tool is different."

Stefaan Verlinden

Founder - UwPayroll

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